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Shanti Lodge


Here comes my first holiday house. Some will already know these pictures, because I designed this house for a competition.


kleiner Hof

Here are insights into my newest house. It is located near the beach and offers enough space for a young family. The jewel of the house is the pool inside the house.


Künstlerviertel „Montmartre“

Here comes the second part of my artistic area. I thought it was ideal here to open a ballet studio, but it is of course subject to you what you want to do out of it. Have fun with the house!

I recommend you to install the house with the Clean Installer!

needed Addons:

  • WCJ, NL, OfB, Pets, VJ, GR, FS, AL, WP, H&M, Teen, KuB, Ikea, VuG

needed Meshes: