Making that house yours …

Here’s comes my result to the following competition.
„Making that house yours“. Can be found here.

I opted for the house „technicians road 121″ from Belladonna Cove.

  • Colors:blue, green, brown, white
  • Style: old vintage with modern influences (Ikea style) * g *.



6 Kommentare to “Making that house yours …”

  1. are we going to be able to download this wonderful lot? and most importantly CONGRATULATIONS on your win you deserve it! keep up the great work

  2. In the last house you had a lot of African inspired things in the lounge, i already have alot of it but there is a mask on the wall and a drum in the corner that i really love! Theres also a kitchen cabinet almost like a butchers block at the end, Its so hard to decided what i want as you decorate so bequtifully! is there anyway that we can download furnished so that if we have the items they show up and if not the item they cloned it from shows up instead using clean installer? I know ive downloaded a house before by Jonesi like that, as i so want to recreate your houses I just cant seem to decorate quite like you lol

    • I would offer my houses furnished, but often it is simply not possible on the basis of the many downloads I used.

      It took a little longer but I have it done. I added the „shopping list“ (scandinavian chic – house).

      I hope it helps you a little further. The small sidetable you were looking for …. i don´t know where i found it, unfortunately there is nothing in the game …no name and no site …. I’m so sorry.

    • Thank you so much!

      Yes, this house will be aviable for download.
      I don´t know exactly when, because fist I need to remove the furniture. But it will be quite safe to download. Promised!

  3. I love all your houses and would really love to download this one! I know you cant put them in furnished but could you include a shopping list with some of the others as i really love your style and i have alot of the items already thanks so much and keep up the great work

    • Hi Alania!
      Thank you so much for the feedback.

      I’ll add a list at the weekend.(I hope so) It may take a little … unfortunately there are a lot of downloads;).
      Is there anything in particular, where I can help you?

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