For the romantic moments ….


Today I have something special for you. My current competition house. I have the honor with this house to become the first place. By popular demand, and as a big thanks I want to share with you this house. I hope your sims like it, as my current single woman.

The house is unfurnished!

I recommend you to install the house with the Clean Installer!

needed Addons:

  • WCJ, NL, OfB, Pets, VJ, GR, FS, AL, WP, H&M, Teen, KuB, Ikea, VuG

needed Meshes:



CC shoping list

I have put together a shopping list for „scandinavian chic“, most of the objects are on this list. For a detailed list I´ve not enough time. I think the most important objects are all represented.

  • drum – castaway set
  • seat – *nanu*
  • small table – *nanu*
  • sidetable / desk – jope
  • some deco items – adele & *nanu*

  • sink / shelf / sidetable – adele
  • halfwall (sidetable) / plants – *nanu*
  • straw curtain – simcredible
  • bathtube – holy simoly
  • mirror – by birgit43

  • sideboard / desk – jope
  • sidetable – adele
  • basket with plants – *nanu*
  • curtain – *nanu*
  • buddha – wallsims

  • white curtain – jope
  • buddha – wallsims
  • plant – *nanu*
  • candle light – buggybooz
  • sidetable – cashcraft
  • lamp – vitasims

  • kitchen counter / stove – buggybooz
  • sidetable – cashcraft
  • most of the clutter – by nemestnaya
  • plant / basket with pears – *nanu*
  • lamp – by alexis

  • bed – Newport bedroom
  • sewing machine – Maxis
  • antler – Maxis
  • plant – *nanu*




8 Kommentare to “For the romantic moments ….”

  1. i cant find the drum anywhere? and do you have a recolour for the side table in the kitchen?

  2. thank you so much that is just wonderful now all i have to do is print of the pics to recreate thanks again i know it must have taken you a while

  3. The house is amazing! Very realistic.

    Can I please ask about three items that caught my eye?
    The two ceiling lamps in the kitchen, and
    especially the cracked Buggybooz counter recolor.
    I’ve checked BPS for it, but without any luck.

    Thanks :]

  4. And where is the download link? The house is too cool to miss it 🙂

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