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alter Schüttkasten

This house is already one of my earliest work and I missed the whole thing a new look. It´s the perfect place for a single person.

The house is unfurnished!

I recommend you to install the house with the Clean Installer!

needed Addons:

  • WCJ, NL, OfB, Pets, VJ, GR, FS, AL, WP, H&M, Teen, KuB, Ikea, VuG

needed Meshes:



let the soul dangle …

Here comes one of my favorite shops. In Vienna there is a very inspirierentes florist – my little flower shop is based on this business.



small apartment

As you can see, I prefer to build rather small houses and apartments. Since it is always a challenge to accommodate all necessary. I have tested the apartment, it is playable;). I hope I was able to show here a couple of small ideas for you, you can also transpose.