die alte Fabrik …

This is a factory building with a small loft, at the same time this house was a competition house. Everything what a woman’s heart desires.

The house is unfurnished!

I recommend you to install the house with the Clean Installer!

needed Addons:

  • WCJ, NL, OfB, Pets, VJ, GR, FS, AL, WP, H&M, Teen, KuB, Ikea, VuG

needed Meshes:



4 Kommentare to “die alte Fabrik …”

  1. It’s really fantastic! I’m so jealous of your building and decorating skills. I wouldn’t be able to build something like this myself so it’s nice of you to share with the rest of us. =)

  2. Thanks Kate!
    Yes, I will soon upload my houses with a second supplier (i think uplodet.to).
    I hope you have a little patience. I care as soon as possible.

  3. I love this place! But I can’t download it from rapidshare,can you please upload it anywhere else?I really want to have it in my game!

  4. Das sieht ja einfach nur supergenial aus – du machst so tolle sachen und häuser ich bin von jedem begeistert. Danke dafür 🙂

    lg, Tanja

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