Welcome to my site! Some of you know my „work“ already. For those who are new: What to expect at my side?

Sims (2) is one of my biggest hobbies, I love to build houses there, to decorate rooms and to put it in the right light. To my newest area of interest among the competitions in which I like to participate.
I would like to share my houses, neighborhoods and Sims with other sims-players.

This leads me straight to the next point:

my policy

  • all my downloads are for free – so I do not want them to appear on any pay sites, or the like.
  • please give my work not as your own.
  • you can use my neighborhoods, sims and houses for photo (s) stories – a reference would be nice 😉
  • please don’t hotlink to my files or images
  • at last the most important point- have fun with it!
Regarding (houses) requests, complaints, suggestions or you have a WCIF you can contact me at:
via MSN (simplay@gmx.net) or @ BPS „simplay“ or @ facebook

For those who want to link to me:


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